At SKINZGLOW, we believe that knowledge and solid training are essential, and these set the specialists apart from the average YOU TUBE autodidacts.

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Training results in our partner professionals not only handling our devices and products correctly. The confidence that the professional gains results in maximum results, a satisfied clientele and maximum return from the equipment.


We NEVER provide professional products or equipment without our partners having undergone thorough training with us. After completing each training course, the products and equipment are ready to take away. Professionals have the choice of taking them with them assembled and ready to use or not, or in a handy always included case. All equipment is also tested on site together with the professional. After each training, the professional receives a sticker stating that she has successfully completed the training. Included in the purchase price of our devices are the necessary treatment pieces, such as HIFU cartridges, micro-infusion units and RF Micro-Stamp cups, as well as small materials such as white mark-off pencils, fat gauges, pull-up needles,( with the exception of the RF gel) and so on, to get started right away.

The courses always include a theoretical part in the morning and, after a short lunch, the relevant treatment is performed and experienced by the professional. The complete training is also written in the course, which everyone receives. We always work in small groups of maximum 6 people with 2 trainers so as not to compromise on the quality of the training. A date is set with each group of trainees for a follow-up zoom meeting after 4-6 weeks to clarify any uncertainties and questions. Every year, you are kindly invited to come for a free refresher training of the relevant treatment(s).


Leave the worries about social media and client instructions to us!

At SKINZGLOW, we understand that you put all your energy into your salon and clients. That's why we are happy to take the work off your hands and offer you free templates for the end client, including QR codes for product information and easy instructions via WhatsApp.

Whether it is about the correct use of our serum or what to do after a SKINZGLOW treatment, we provide clear and informative communication.

And don't worry if you are still unsure about investing in the training - enquire about our 'PRIVATE GLOW' Event prior to the training and generate appointments for your SKINZGLOW treatments in advance.

That way, you are guaranteed appointments before you have invested in the training!