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Skinzglow Hifu 4D - Radar Carving & Liposonix


The alternative to liposuction, without its drawbacks is what the SKINZZGLOW LIPO HIFU has to offer.

Remodelling of body contours, permanent removal of local fat deposits, (provided no intense weight gain follows), soundly addressing sagging skin and optimising the body's skin condition are the core functions of this easy-to-handle CE-approved device.

This principle also works using ultrasonic waves, but with a treatment head that is up to 4 times larger than that of the 4D HIFU& RADAR CARVING. This saves precious treatment time and allows you to treat several zones per session in a minimum of time.

The device offers fully customisable parameters which allows you to provide individual and tailor-made treatment. The design of the device is sleek, minimalist and identical to all other SKINZGLOW devices. This device also comes with an accompanying mobile trolley to offer optimal treatment comfort to the operator.  

THE SKINZGLOW 5D LIPO HIFU device can be supplemented as required with the following treatment pieces to meet the specific needs of your salon. 

  • SKINZGLOW RF MICRO STAMP, which can also be used for the body. 
  • SKINZGLOW LIPO HIFU, suitable for the body only. 
  • SKINZGLOW 5D HIFU. This device is identical in design to the 4D HIFU& RADAR CARVING device but offers a very wide range of treatment options and problem solvers. It combines the 4D HIFU& RADAR CARVING, LIPO HIFU AND RF MICRO- STAMP and also offers the possibility of offering combo treatments as well as 10 unique relaxing SKINZGLOW® ' FEEL GOOD' treatments. 


This device can only be purchased by professional customers.


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